Marketing Controlling

In our google analytics I saw that for “marketing controlling” and “online business blog” our incentergy pages are often shown but not often clicked because we are not shown on the first page. So this blog post will give you 5 tips to enhance your marketing controlling and make even more money online and I[…]

Programmatic buying in the ads industry

Some weeks ago I was in cologne on the dmexco and the current trend in the online marketing industry is programmatic buying. This blog post will explain how to use it and how to optimize it.

Metrics in the online marketing business – CPC, CPM, CPO, CAC, CLV

When you start with online business you will read a lot about 3 letter abbreviations like CPC, CPM, CPO, CAC, CLV etc. This blog post will give an overview about the most important abbreviations, explain what they measure, and how to influence them.

The online marketing process

Online marketing compared to offline marketing is one of the newer process sets in economics. Everybody has to learn new things quickly and the possibilities are growing every week. Some old ways are not successful anymore and the strategy has to be adapted. This blog post will give a short overview about the process of[…]

Why multi channel attribution is a self-fulfilling-prophecy

In the last 3 years the online tracking tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, Kissmetrics or CoreMetrics made a lot of progress. Besides normal click counting they more and more turned into controlling tools that show how your marketing budget affects your online sales.