Real time syncing and offline capabilities using OpenUI5, JsonPatch, XMPP and xxHash

This blog post contains a summary of the Github project here: The OpenUI5 data model uses a node on an XMPP server to synchronize itself to different connected clients. Because of the usage of CRDT (Conflict-free replicated data type) it is easy to build offline capabilities on top of it. The XMPP server requires the[…]

Pragmatic OpenUI5 (a.k.a. SAPUI5) vs Polymer comparison

This blog post will contain a comparison between the SAP framework OpenUI5 and the Google Framework Polymer. On my current work project I am mainly using OpenUI5. I was the guy to decided to use it around 2 years ago and I am still very happy with that decision. Nevertheless I try to keep up to date[…]

Java EE 7 Killer Architecture in 229 lines of code – Wildfly, Olingo, OpenUI5

This blog post will describe a killer Java EE architecture that connects the database through a JPA layer to the client. The client will use OpenUI5 with a OData Model. I coded this whole project in around 2 hours on a sunday. The results are published on github: Application Code Here is the amount[…]