Softskills in project management

This article will give a short introduction about softskills and stress management in a project. This is necessary because if projects fail then in 80% of the cases it is a problem between multiple human beings and not a technical problem.

Men lying on the keyboard because of stress


Don’t be inefficient by accident 5 productivity tools you should use

This blog post will explain some tools that me and my team at Incentergy are applying for exceptional productivity. Most of them are not specific for IT and can be used for a lot of situations in life.

more efficiency during your working time


How to get the best price on ebay and get cheap gas. Optimal stopping strategies.

There are a lot of problems in the real world about perceiving the correct chance. Studies show that we humans are biased by fast decisions and that we are sometimes not exploring the problem domain long enough to take the best decision. This blog post will show you the optimal decision to pay the best price for an auction on ebay and to find the best gas station if you are driving a known route.

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How do women buy fashion?

Incentergy is working a lot together with fashion retailers and fashion brands. Therefore we have some good insights into customer behavior. This blog post will explain some behavior that we can observe when we do a deep dive into our analytical data. So some prejudices will be confirmed and for some male brand managers some new insights will pop up.

Women seeing shoes and beeing happy


Do you offer too many products?

A few month ago I viewed a TED talk by Barry Schwartz the author of The paradox of choice – Why less is more. He began with a little story that I wanted to retell:

When I was young there were 3 types of jeans, they did not have a great quality but it was easy to decide. In our days if you go into a store there are 1.000 types of jeans. He tried 25 of them and then he bought one. It was the best fitting jeans he have ever worn but He was unhappy with his choice.
I just checked out a famous german fashion dealer. They have 1.537 different kinds of jeans in their Men – Jeans category. So how should I be able to find the best jeans for me? Some smart recommendation technology is necessary to help me to find a good fit. […]