Workforce organzation and management for real world teams outside of IT

In the IT world we have a lot of systems to organize our daily business. Process models tell us how to do our work but what about models for outside IT? How should for example an accountant office organize their workforce and their tasks?
This blog post will introduce a queue based model that emphasizes on process throughput and process enhancements for knowledge workers. It is inspired by Kanban.

Workforce management with queues


Marketing Controlling

In our google analytics I saw that for “marketing controlling” and “online business blog” our incentergy pages are often shown but not often clicked because we are not shown on the first page.

Desk with laptop, charts and purse

So this blog post will give you 5 tips to enhance your marketing controlling and make even more money online and I will post later if this helps to enhance our google ranking for these two keywords.


Does your online store need a new newsletter tool?

do you need a new newsletter?Social media sites like facebook, digg and pinterest are currently rocking the stage and acquiring new users every day. Nevertheless email is still one of the most successful communication channels currently available. Everybody is using them regularly. This blog post will show you some business problems which are often overlooked.
Gadgets like mobile phones and tables give plain old email even a new boost and the big portions of the emails are read within 24 hours.Besides all the old newsletter solutions concentrate on technical details. It is all about HTML vs. Plain Text, Spam Detection, IP reputation, HTML etc. This is necessary but when sending a newsletter for an online reseller it is a lot more important to solve business problems.In the next paragraphs we will explore the following questions: […]