Series business value 3: Continuous delivery of business value with microservices

In this blog post I will describe how to support a modern continuous delivery process to deliver business value daily to weekly. The main tools that will be used are git, Jenkins multibranch pipelines and production application servers e.g. wildfly.


How to get the best price on ebay and get cheap gas. Optimal stopping strategies.

There are a lot of problems in the real world about perceiving the correct chance. Studies show that we humans are biased by fast decisions and that we are sometimes not exploring the problem domain long enough to take the best decision. This blog post will show you the optimal decision to pay the best price for an auction on ebay and to find the best gas station if you are driving a known route.

A business man working on modern technology, selective focus


Programmatic buying in the ads industry

Some weeks ago I was in cologne on the dmexco and the current trend in the online marketing industry is programmatic buying. This blog post will explain how to use it and how to optimize it.



The online marketing process

Web online marketing endless possibiliies

Online marketing compared to offline marketing is one of the newer process sets in economics. Everybody has to learn new things quickly and the possibilities are growing every week. Some old ways are not successful anymore and the strategy has to be adapted. This blog post will give a short overview about the process of how to adapt to these new challenges and how to be able to do professional circular controlling.