How to debug jsdoc from openlayers in Visual Studio Code?

This blog post sums up some notes about using the node js debugger for jsdoc when developing a plugin for openlayers jsdoc. git clone Open Visual Studio Code and open the folder where you checked out openlayers. { // Use IntelliSense to learn about possible Node.js debug attributes. // Hover to view descriptions of[…]

Real time syncing and offline capabilities using OpenUI5, JsonPatch, XMPP and xxHash

This blog post contains a summary of the Github project here: The OpenUI5 data model uses a node on an XMPP server to synchronize itself to different connected clients. Because of the usage of CRDT (Conflict-free replicated data type) it is easy to build offline capabilities on top of it. The XMPP server requires the[…]

PostGIS 2.3 parallel performance 2 times faster on PostgreSQL 9.6 on a real live example

This blog post will show an example for the parallel query processing capabilities from PostGIS 2.3 running on PostgeSQL 9.6. It is based on the project Lebensriskoexplorer. The data that I am using are exported from my google location history from 2015. The region data is taken from the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie. So overall[…]

Pragmatic OpenUI5 (a.k.a. SAPUI5) vs Polymer comparison

This blog post will contain a comparison between the SAP framework OpenUI5 and the Google Framework Polymer. On my current work project I am mainly using OpenUI5. I was the guy to decided to use it around 2 years ago and I am still very happy with that decision. Nevertheless I try to keep up to date[…]

Next generation software cost estimation based on BPMN (2.0) and Function Point Analysis (CPM 4.3.1)

Problem You are a product manager (scrum term: product owner) for a software and you have to decide based on effort and business value which feature to implement next. This blog post will ellaborate on a highly sophisticaded solution for the problem of effort estimation. Standards When using scrum the user requirements are captured as[…]

Java EE 7 Killer Architecture in 229 lines of code – Wildfly, Olingo, OpenUI5

This blog post will describe a killer Java EE architecture that connects the database through a JPA layer to the client. The client will use OpenUI5 with a OData Model. I coded this whole project in around 2 hours on a sunday. The results are published on github: Application Code Here is the amount[…]

10 Reasons why JavaScript is better than Java

In this blog post I will give 10 reasons why JavaScript is better than Java. 1. Duck typing JavaScript is a dynamically typed languages that makes it easily possible to create mock objects or exchange implementation without the hassle of interfaces. Compared to Java or C# it is a lot easier to write code that[…]

10 Reasons why Java is better than JavaScript

In this blog post I will explain some features of Java that in my opinion make it better than JavaScript. Later I will also write a blog post “10 Reasons why JavaScript is better than Java” 1. The Java VM is more advanced than the JavaScript VM The first thing is, that there are mulitple[…]