Gemeinsam die Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen voranbringen

DENS und kooperieren: Das E-Rezept für Zahnärzte Berlin, 11. Mai 2021 – Der Praxissoftwarehersteller für Zahnärzte DENS stellt sich gemeinsam mit den aktuellen Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung im Gesundheitssektor: Im Rahmen einer Entwicklungspartnerschaft soll die E-Rezeptlösung den Zahnarztpraxen von DENS zur Verfügung stehen. Ab dem 1.1.2022 wird in Deutschland das E-Rezept verpflichtend, dies stellt Read more about Gemeinsam die Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen voranbringen[…]

Digitalisierung schneller voranbringen. Gemeinsam etwas bewegen.

Ein Komplettpaket für das E-Rezept mit eRiXa© und Berlin, 30. April 2021 – Das E-Rezept kommt. Nur wann genau ist nicht mehr so sicher. Für alle first mover gibt es aber auch heute schon innovative Lösungen: die Incentergy GmbH hat die E-Rezept Softwarelösung entwickelt und arbeitet künftig mit PSO zusammen, die mit eRiXa© Read more about Digitalisierung schneller voranbringen. Gemeinsam etwas bewegen.[…]

PopUpPlaces – Mob Programming for pop up restaurants app for FarmHack 2020

In this post I want to share some insights about our approach for development and the product that we created for FarmHack 2020. We were a team of 7 people who created an app for evaluating places for pop up restaurants a.k.a. snack bars based on data from OpenStreetMap and Destatis.


Flutter the rising star for Multiexperience Development Platforms

For multiple projects I am currently evaluating a lot of different technologies in the mobile space. A typical decision that a project manager for mobile applications has to take is the decision if they want to develop multiple native applications or if they want to use a cross plattform approach. This blog post will first compare native vs. cross platform development afterwards it will give an overview about my experiences with flutter.


Safer Cyling – using car accident data to find safe routes in Koblenz

This blog post will contain a description of the routing algorithm that was implemented on the 23.11. – 25.11.2018 on the debeka hackquarter to find safer cycling routes in Koblenz. It uses Java EE (wildfly), PostgreSQL and pgRouting for the backend. The frontend was implemented using mapbox JS GL. The source can be found on github. The whole coding took around 8 hours for 2 persons. During the presentation the following summary was visualized:


Microservices service discovery and configuration with DNS

If you are aiming for a microservice architecture everything is easy as long as the services do not have to communicate with each other. When this is necessary the services have to find each other.


Visualizing my trips from Google Maps with

In this blog post I will post a visualization of my trips between 2015 and 2018 mainly in germany. Further it contains the Java code that I used to convert the proprietary JSON format used by the google maps timeline for locations logs into a csv file.

Visualizing farmland property prices in germany based on 2016 sales with

In this blog post I will tell a small data story about farmland prices based on data of 2016. The data is mainly given by Statisches Bundesamt and Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe and the visualizations are made with the awesome open source library created by Shan He and her data visualization team at Uber.