How to debug jsdoc from openlayers in Visual Studio Code?

This blog post sums up some notes about using the node js debugger for jsdoc when developing a plugin for openlayers jsdoc. git clone Open Visual Studio Code and open the folder where you checked out openlayers. { // Use IntelliSense to learn about possible Node.js debug attributes. // Hover to view descriptions of[…]

Project risk management. Do risky tasks first

Image by Tambako The Jaguar Projects are by definition a risky thing. Risk means that it might take longer, they do not meet their goals or will be more expensive than expected. This blog post will describe a simple but effective way of managing and reducing risks. Especially projects in the IT world are likely[…]

The most important software piece the domain model

This blog post will elaborate on the most important part of a good software system: the domain model. As everybody knows business software is for IT alignment making sure that the organizational processes are optimally supported by a system. This can only be done if the data in the system is correct and represents the[…]

Optimal Marketing Budget Allocation with Non Linear Solving

In this blog post we will consider that you are already running around 10,000 campaigns across 5 different channels and you know which of these are running well and producing a lot of profit and which of these are running poor. At every beginning of the month you have to assign 100,000 € to the[…]