IPFS the next generation internet procotol technical overview

In this block post I will describe my opinion about IPFS. I think it has the potential to become the next big thing in the internet area. What is IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)? IPFS are many things together. The easiest way to understand ipfs is to say, that it is a decentralized replacement for HTTP/S.

PostGIS 2.3 parallel performance 2 times faster on PostgreSQL 9.6 on a real live example

This blog post will show an example for the parallel query processing capabilities from PostGIS 2.3 running on PostgeSQL 9.6. It is based on the project Lebensriskoexplorer. The data that I am using are exported from my google location history from 2015. The region data is taken from the Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie. So overall[…]

Predictive analytics for project management

According to the CHAOS-Report around 70% of IT projects are challenged or completely failing. In the last 10 years these number did not change a lot. It is still the case that around 70% of IT projects fail. This blog post will show you some techniques to control your project and make sure that it is[…]

Programmatic buying in the ads industry

Some weeks ago I was in cologne on the dmexco and the current trend in the online marketing industry is programmatic buying. This blog post will explain how to use it and how to optimize it.

Optimal Marketing Budget Allocation with Non Linear Solving

In this blog post we will consider that you are already running around 10,000 campaigns across 5 different channels and you know which of these are running well and producing a lot of profit and which of these are running poor. At every beginning of the month you have to assign 100,000 € to the[…]

How to do optimal marketing budget allocation?

In this blog post we will show an example of the methods that the incentergy platform applies to do mathematically proven optimal decisions for online marketing budget allocations. The system must make some assumptions about how the revenue which was generated by the marketing channel. Under these assumptions the shown behavior is optimal. This means[…]